Silence as approval

DB on the idea that silence is approval.

[W]here in all of these voices is the official voice of OSU? I respect Ed Ray and believe that his commitment to diversity and social justice issues is authentic. But the silence from the President’s office is deafening. And the resultant vacuum ends up sounding like a tacit approval of those who would wear blackface, which, since it cannot be scrubbed of its racist roots, is wrong. How difficult would it be for one who is committed to social justice to say just that?

According to KGW, Oregon State University issued the following statement:

“A series of recent incidents at OSU have underscored for our campus how important cultural competency and sensitivity regarding matters of race are for all of us. We take these incidents seriously, as we do our responsibilities for the safety of our students and the environment on our campus.

We support our students as they exercise their rights of free speech and assembly in calling attention to issues that have caused considerable pain, frustration and anger; we have taken appropriate steps to ensure their safety and the safety of all patrons planning to attend Saturday’s game. We further call upon all members of our community to contribute to a campus dialogue on these issues that is civil, sensitive and in keeping with our values as a public institution of higher learning. There is much that we call can learn on these matters and no better place to do so than at Oregon State University.”

Unfortunately, it took several news stories (probably not something that the OSU Capital Campaign handlers wanted to see) before Oregon State University issued a public statement. It would have been nice to see an official response prior to significant media coverage.