Roger Williams University

Roger Williams University

Roger Williams University has apparently been planning to include people of color on its board of trustees since the early 1900’s (note the sarcasm). Unfortunately, the plan had never been implemented. I guess it takes a lot of “planning” for an all white board to include people of color. Perhaps the implementation was delayed due to the overt racism of the board?

Roger Williams University has added 13 people to its board of trustees almost two months after a former board chairman admitted he used a racial slur during a board meeting, school officials said.

The new board includes six women as well as Black members, an American Indian and people from Palestine, Turkey and Ecuador. It represents a “sea change” from the old board, which was composed of 14 White men, two women and no minorities, President Roy Nirschel said.

Nirschel said the school had planned for years to expand and diversify its board of trustees. But the issue came to a head in July, when former board chairman Ralph Papitto, 80, admitted using a racial slur during a closed meeting in May while discussing the difficulty of finding minorities to serve on the board.

Papitto resigned as chairman before other board members went public with his comments this summer. Facing a petition from students, he withdrew his name from Rhode Island’s only law school.

via the Associated Press