Gibson City’s silent majority

silent majority silenced by one person with a megaphone?

Sometimes my posts practically write themselves… I read an article on how one town in Illinois is refusing to give up Chief Illiniwek.

According to the News Gazette:

Gibson City officials started an “Honor the Chief” day in 2005, when controversy over the University of Illinois athletic teams’ mascot was at a peak.

Translation: Gibson City created an event that makes money for the town. The event is fueled by racism which has proven to be highly flammable and profitable.

And now that the Chief has officially been retired, this town and its leaders still want to celebrate the Chief and what they believe he represented. Gibson City Mayor Dan Dickey, while not a UI alumnus, joins many of the town’s 3,374 residents in being passionate about Chief Illiniwek.

Translation: The Chief was eliminated but since this paper is apparently all about making a pro-Chief stance, the word “retired” will be used so that the rationale for the Chief’s elimination does not make it to print. Many of the town’s residents are white. The citizenry of Gibson City is 98% white and less than 1% Native American.

“It’s not about an individual; it’s about what the Chief stands for,” Dickey said. “He’s not a mascot; he’s a symbol of dignity and integrity – how can anyone argue with that?”

Translation: The Chief is used as a means for Gibson City to generate income. Apparently racists have deep pockets.

Dickey invites everyone to “bring a lawn chair, enjoy free entertainment and celebrate the Chief. “We’re giving the silent majority a chance to speak in Gibson City,” he said.

Translation: Mayor Dickey has placed a racist homing beacon in the town square.

Also, if white people in Gibson City are the “silent majority”, you know, all 98%, does that mean that Native Americans in Gibson City are using high-powered megaphones?