Google acquires FeedBurner

google acquires feedburner for a lot of moneyFeedBurner purchased and acquired by Google

The folks at FeedBurner announced today that they have been purchased by Google.

I use FeedBurner to “burn” my RSS feed to all of my RSS readers. You know, all 9 of you ;) In addition to RSS readers, the RSS feed from FeedBurner enables me to send email digests of my posts to about 50 folks.

Fast FeedBurner Facts and Stats:

  • According to Nielsen/NetRatings, FeedBurner is growing faster than MySpace and Digg with 385% traffic growth.
  • Total feeds: 736,494
  • Number of publishers: 431,171
  • Number of podcast and videocast feeds: 112,998
  • Percent of FeedBurner employees using Macs: 39%, PCs: 58%, Other: 3%.
  • Number of made-up words on the FeedBurner site: 3

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