Send Me a Voice Message

Send Me A Message

E-mail, voicemail, instant messaging, and postal mail are just a few of the ways that I can be contacted. Next week I plan on implementing a solar-powered carrier pigeon system…

Recently, I came across the ODEO “Send a message” service which allows blog visitors to record an audio voice message that is then emailed to the blogger.

Recording a voice message is fairly easy. The first step for some users will be to allow Flash (ODEO) to access your computer’s microphone. Press “allow” and you are ready to record.

Record a voice message by allowing Flash to use your computers microphone

Record your message and then press “Submit.” The audio is then uploaded to the ODEO servers. Enter in your name, email address, subject and an optional text message. Press “Send” and your audio message will arrive in my inbox.

Record a voice message - Press record, then submit the audio file, write a message and then press send

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