Are you addicted to the Internet?

Take this Internet Addiction Test and find out.

In other news — Wendy and I are off to Iowa on Wednesday for a visit with the “Fam.” Feel free to leave comments, however, my parent’s dial-up connection usually keeps me offline. It’s actually nice to go on vacation and unplug.

By the way, getting to Iowa from Oregon is neither easy nor affordable. Wendy and I will take 2 airplanes, 1 hovercraft, and a 415 foot aluminum slide to get to Columbus Junction, Iowa.

2 thoughts on “Are you addicted to the Internet?”

  1. what ever happened to being environmentally conscience… 2 planes and hovercraft to just get home? I’m sure there will be some gas burning in a vehicle somewhere in between… I hope that 415 foot aluminum slide is recyclable… anyways, do enjoy your time with the family and I highly suggest to NEVER leave Wendy alone anywhere in Iowa… :P

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