Keeping Track of Higher Education

Diverse is the website for Diverse Issues in Higher Education. I subscribe to the magazine and enjoy a daily dose of e-news from Diverse. I’m not sure if the daily e-mail can be accessed without a subscription to the magazine…

Academic Impressions and University Business serve up 2 of the best daily e-mails on higher education news. They offer similar stories with slightly different slants.

Inside Higher Education: Inside Higher Education is a great source for Higher Education News, Jobs, and Commentary. Articles on Inside Higher Education generate significant comment threads by university professionals and industry vendors.

Chronicle of Higher Education: The Chronicle has an enormous print readership…err, perhaps I should re-phrase. A lot of people subscribe to the gigantic periodical, however, they tend to become giant towers of un-read, plastic wrapped, newspaper goodness. The online version of the Chronicle requires a paid subscription for most of the site’s content. However, a great deal of free content can be perused as well as thousands of job listings.

Educause: I subscribe to the Edupage Technology Newsletter. The newsletter is a mix of high tech developments in higher education and industry news. The folks at Educause do a pretty good job of staying connected to high tech in higher ed.

Campus Technology: I subscribe to Campus Technology’s IT Trends Newsletter. Although not usually noteworthy, sometimes something unique can be found within this e-newsletter. The folks at StudentAffairs.Com have the best web address in the business (at least for student affairs practitioners). The Student Affairs “E-Zine” always makes me laugh. The zine usually provides technology articles that resonate with current issues in student affairs/technology. I have a small request, please stop using “the new frontier” in article titles. is one of the few sites that offer a quality listing of student affairs specific job opportunities. I only wish they had an RSS feed for new job listings…

Note: This is how I, as a student affairs generalist, keep track of higher education news. This is in addition to association newsletters, emails, postal pieces, etc. If you are in Student Affairs (or if you love Student Affairs specific news), feel free to add to the list via a comment or two.

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