I wish to thank the following people for challenging and supporting me during my graduate program/assistantship. I have learned a lot from all of you and I look forward to our next adventure!

CSSA faculty/staff/instructors including: Jessica White, Rich Shintaku, Laurie Brendle-Sleipness, Larry Roper, Bob Bontrager, Tom Scheuermann, Tracy Bentley-Townlin, Melissa Yamamoto, Jackie Balzer, Tom Kirch, Eric Hansen, Bernie Liang, and Michael Hevel.

Additional faculty/staff that I wish to thank:
Lani Roberts, Jim Day, Dan Crouch, Michael Ingram, Moira Dempsey, Wayne Robertson, Nancy Laurence, Blake Vawter, Kate Peterson, Joy Jorgensen, Jodi Nelson, Deb Burke, Dan Schwab, Resa Cochran, Janet Nishihara, Kris Winter, Marcus Langford, Rick DeBellis, Carol Andrews, Janet Morandi, Kyle Cassady, Edie Blakeley and Allison Davis-White Eyes.

The 2004 CSSA Cohort. I am extremely grateful to all of you. I am graduating because of you.*

*Wendy, Tanya, Padma, Cat, Andrea, Gail, Tarah, Melanie, Justina, Dave, Rem, Kent and Sam – Thanks for listening!

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