A lens of -isms

lens of isms

via Luke Sugie – Engineering Social Justice: Why not use a lens of -isms?

A typical tactic I’ve seen deployed against those who bring up issues of race, sex, class, ability, etc. is for the speaker to be accused of “always seeing racism everywhere” or “promoting the feminist/anti-racist/anti-classist agenda” and therefore unable to provide an “objective” critique of something.

This particular tactic has been used against posts on my blog more times than I can count.

Frankly, we should be able to move beyond this stage into the stage where we evaluate the claims people make — all people, feminist, anti-racist or not — by the evidence used to support them, rather than seeking to destroy credibility of the people that proclaim them.

Evaluating claims does not seem to be part of the process (although I deeply wish that it was) for folks who enjoy deploying the “you see it everywhere” trope.

Ward Connerly = Darth Vader?

Ward Connerly is Darth Vader is Ward Connerly

Ward Connerly reminds me of Darth Vader.* In a sea of 99.9% of the white folks in the Star Wars trilogy, Darth Vader is a “Nubian god” who is voiced by James Earl Jones. Then, in Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader’s helmet is removed to reveal a “crusty white man.” Darth Vader is black on the outside and white on the inside. Ward Connerly presents as a person of color, but he engages in a campaign against folks of color that seems to be driven by internalized oppression, tokenism and assimilation. Ward Connerly’s efforts to disassemble affirmative action reek of white supremacy. Ward Connerly’s words and actions are counter to social justice and anti-oppression work. In seeking to end affirmative action, Connerly is dismissing the realities of historical context, present day discrimination and white privilege. Fortunately, his anti-affirmative action campaign was recently halted in Oklahoma due to a lack of signatures. Unfortunately, like Darth Vader, Ward Connerly’s campaign is wreaking havoc in the galaxy. Affirmative action policies in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri and Nebraska are all being targeted by Connerly.

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