The right to bear arms

Horrible events have transpired today at Virginia Tech.

Why in the hell is it necessary that we have the “right” to bear arms? Hunting? Self-defense? Why do we need to have guns? I mean this is just crazy. The University of Utah cannot even legally bar guns on their campus.

Why are handguns in the possession of anyone who is not a police officer? I could care less about gun control or adding more regulations for gun possession. I feel that guns should not be produced and sold. Having access to guns while growing up in Iowa did not make me more of U.S. citizen or a patriot. I feel that the right to bear arms is an antiquated policy that does nothing except provide fodder for political polarization.

How do guns, and the right to bear them, benefit humanity?

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Enrollment Management update 4/10/07

A lot of enrollment management administrators ponder the effects of the U.S. News and World Report college rankings report. The report can lead to a lot of free publicity for those schools that are fortunate enough to be ranked by U.S News.

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Blackboard Community System

Blackboard Community System

Blackboard had an amazing booth at the NASPA/ACPA Joint Meeting in Orlando. It was the size of small house and it looked like one too! Inside their mini-mansion, the folks from Blackboard were demoing their portal solution, the Blackboard Community System.

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Strategic Student Affairs Technology planning

The Division of Student Affairs at NC State University engage in strategic student affairs technology planning. There site includes downloadable technology planning checklists, technology position responsibility documents, technology planning overview and an overview of the student affairs division technology plan.

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Al Gore – NASPA/ACPA Joint Meeting

Al Gore


Here is the first 30 minutes of Al Gore’s keynote at the NASPA/ACPA 2007 Joint Meeting. [27 mb mp3]

The talk was fairly similar to An Inconvenient Truth. Vice President Gore used an Apple MacBook Pro and Keynote 3.0 to deliver his presentation. It’s probably the best infographic talk that I have ever witnessed. The content and the presentation were stellar.

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Enrollment Management update 3/14/07

Admissions 2.0:
Dan and Blake will be facilitating a web conference in April (Tuesday, 4/24/07) entitled, “Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization in Admissions

Admissions directors, enrollment managers, marketers, and web editors will leave this web conference with cost-effective ideas on how to make their admissions websites more search engine-friendly and easier for prospective students to find. Participants will explore principles of search engine optimization and web analytics and develop an understanding of how to use these tools to make informed decisions on the content and formatting of their admissions websites.

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Enrollment Management update 3/1/07

Enroll-A-Tron 3042:
In what appears to be the first viral video aimed at Enrollment Management Directors / Admissions Directors, Frank Meester debuts the “Enroll-A-Tron 3042.” The device is
guaranteed to help enrollment management professionals recruit and retain students at an amazing 100% retention rate. The video is pretty funny and it will be interesting to see if enrollment management folks find humor in a 15 billion dollar, ductwork/old server-based, grant-funded, device :-)

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Chief Illiniwek Will No Longer Perform

UIUC has decided to discontinue Chief Illiniwek….

Absent from the official UIUC response is any mention of the ethical reasons for eliminating the “Chief.” Labeling Chief Illiniwek as a positive tradition, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees has done little to address the racism of this “tradition.” Chief Illiniwek may be finished. However, racism, stereotyping, and oppression seem to unfortunately be going strong amongst the University of Illinois Board of Trustees. The board seems more concerned with losing money from alumni and re-gaining access to lucrative post-season collegiate athletics.

This sends a terrible message to all white students at UIUC. The University and its Board have made it clear that listening to people of color and their allies does not matter. I’ve included the full text of the press release from the University of Illinois. Nowhere in the release is it mentioned that the Chief was a racist caricature that stereotyped Native Americans.

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Co-facilitating a CSSA class

I co-facilitated a College Student Services Administration (CSSA) class at Oregon State University today. Jessica White and Chris White are teaching a course on Technology Issues in Higher Education. Jessica and I presented an edited version of our “Blogs and Student Learning” presentation. After an hour on blogs, blogging, rss, etc., Chris and I facilitated a discussion on podcasts / podcasting in a higher education context. I had a great time. The class asked a lot of questions and the discussion was lively. It felt good to be back in the classroom.

Enrollment Management Update 2/13/07

Virginia Tech Podcasts site

Virginia Tech’s podcast site features news briefs, financial aid information, and student stories. Plus, the site design is terrific.

Podcasting is a service that allows you to receive periodic updates of featured audio content from Virginia Tech. As new features become available, they will be automatically downloaded to your computer and/or portable MP3 player.

Financial Aid Podcasts:
The University of Arizona’s Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships features a financial aid podcast.

OSFA on the Air is a podcast series designed to answer many of your financial aid questions. Each show contains 30 minutes of practical information to you obtain financial aid.


University of Wisconsin System regents voted Friday to adopt a new freshman admissions policy that requires officials to consider nonacademic factors such as race and income to increase diversity.


George Washington University acknowledges having the highest tuition in the country. And yesterday, the board of trustees voted to raise it again.

Tuition for next year’s freshmen will be more than $39,000, an increase of 3.8 percent.

Oregon State University:
Benny the Beaver has a MySpace page. Welcome to the era of viral beaver-based marketing.