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Once again, my site has been mentioned on a white supremacist internet forum… I think if I ever start a rock band, it will have to be called “Leftwing Fever Swamp.”

By the way, feel free to call me “Eric the granola-munching geekboy” or the “DDOTY”.

…especially this guy – a granola-muncher named Eric in Corvallis, Oregon, who should definitely get the Diversity Dork of the Year Award. (Be sure to visit Eric’s leftwing fever swamp as the little geekboy loves to analyze his web traffic and hates it when Str0mfront links to his site. You know those sci-fi movies where a portal opens somewhere and scary monsters come through to spread fear and terror? That’s how Eric views an SF link to his diversity love-in. Maybe I’ll post his non-pub number so that everyone can wish him a happy belated birthday.

White supremacists

Stormfront.org is a white supremacist/neo-nazi internet forum. This week, several people visited my website from a stormfront forum post that linked to my blog’s white privilege tag. Apparently, a white guy (that’s me) with Swiss-German ancestry who blogs about social justice caused several of their servers to melt.

I watched as more than 50 unique visits poured into my blog via the stormfront posting. By the way, the stormfront site is not a website to which people randomly surf. It’s not Amazon.com. The people who visited my blog were, in my opinion, frequent readers of stormfront postings.

Here are just a few of the places in the world that showed up in my web statistics…

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