The 19th Erase Racism Carnival

Welcome to the 19th Erase Racism Carnival.

Dennis Dugan presents Robert Jensen on Thanksgiving – White supremacist holidays and the genocide of indigenous peoples

Therapydoc presents Zarganar – Global oppression, privilege and activism

Forgiven presents The Sin Is Pride – Internalized oppression, horizontal hostility and Ward Connerly

Rachel and guest poster, Atlasien presents A serious question [about white supremacists]

Seattle Slim presents 21st Century Blackface: Hideous Imitation Or Flattery? Harmful or Harmless?

Kai Chang presents The White Liberal Conundrum – white liberals and anti-racism

AllyWork presents Qualities of an ally

Carmen Van Kerckhove presents Addicted to Race 87: Race, TV, and Gossip

Ian Welsh presents Katrina and the Wildfires

Greg Laden presents “Like the tree that stands beside the water … – A history of activism

Marcella Chester presents Horror Movie Mythology Hurts Megan Williams And Many Other Victims and Anti-Feminism And Rape

Michael Faris presents more on nooses, blackface, and OSU

Dennis Bennett presents On Dad’s Weekend, No Less – blackface and administrative silence

Eric Stoller (yes, that’s me) presents Building Community – non-apology apologies and intent vs. effect

Changeseeker presents It’s Predictable And I Told You So! – white privilege and white supremacy

DaisyDeadhead presents Orangeburg Massacre governor dies

Erase Racism Carnival Submissions

The 19th Erase Racism Carnival is going to be on my site in November. Submissions can be made via direct emails: ericstoller (A) gmail (.) com, comments on this post or at the Blog CarnivalErase Racism Carnival submission page. Submissions are due on November 17th, and the carnival goes up around the 20th.