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Taking the #StollerCoaster on the road


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I’ve spent almost 7 years in Oregon. However, it is now time for me to pack up and take a massive road trip across the entire US. The “Stoller Coaster” comes from a tweet from Chris Conzon. He was suggesting a name for my IHE blog and I’ve used “#StollerCoaster” as a Twitter hashtag to describe my consulting adventures.

@ The Stoller Coaster
Christopher Conzen

I’m moving to Columbia, South Carolina in May. The epic road trip (as seen in the map above) will take several days.

Written by Eric Stoller

April 16th, 2011 at 2:24 pm

  • Lbkaliher

    good for you!!! what an adventure!

    • Eric Stoller

      Thanks Lulu!

  • tomkrieglstein

    Columbia, SC? For what awaits you there?

    • Eric Stoller

      I fell in love…with Valerie Heruska :-)

  • Gary Alan Miller

    If you end up coming near Chapel Hill, NC, drop a note! Would love to show you around (map doesn’t make it look that way, though…)

    • Eric Stoller

      I will have to plan a trip up to NC for sure. I’ve never even been to Chapel Hill!

  • Patrick Powers

    you swing south through St. Louis and the beer is on me. safe travels!

    • Eric Stoller

      I think I need to plan a special visit to St. Louis…we can’t make it during this trip…hopefully sometime in the future though… Is the beer good in St. Louis? I mean, I’m really used to Oregon beer…so good!

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