Blackbird Pie – embedding individual tweets

Are you a blogger? Do you ever reference tweets in your posts? If yes, then you really need to use this #BlackbirdPieless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Have you ever wanted to embed an individual tweet from Twitter into a blog post? A couple of months ago, Twitter released “Blackbird Pie.” It’s a nifty web-based tool that generates embed code for a single Twitter post that you can paste into a blog post.


Blackbird Pie isn’t perfect. It misidentifies embedded tweets as being posted “less than a minute ago,” when that is clearly not when I posted that tweet. I’ve also noticed that Blackbird Pie sometimes renders incorrectly after it is sent out via RSS.


Note that it is best to stay in the WordPress HTML editing box when using the embed code from Blackbird Pie. If you switch from the Visual editor to HTML mode, then the code breaks and you have to “bake” a fresh version.

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