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ACPA wants us to Mingle


ACPA wants us to use a MingleStick at the Annual Convention in Boston in 2010

Slightly hidden, due to a minuscule font size, within the recent ACPA eCommunity email update was an interesting question: “Are You Ready To Mingle?” Intrigued, I read the rest of the “mingle” text:

Are You Ready To Mingle?
Engage in real life social networking at the Boston 2010 Annual Convention. This new and innovative technology enables attendees to simply ‘click to connect’ at the event and then share their online profiles after the event.

With over 4,500 ACPA members expected to attend the Annual Convention in Boston, the MingleStick may provide an interesting means for folks to exchange contact information. Instead of business cards, attendees can use the MingleStick to exchange electronic profiles. This is slightly similar to the iPhone Bump app. I predict that there will be a lot of digital mingling at ACPA.

The MingleStick plugs in via USB to your computer, uploads its data to the MingleStick website and allows you to browse your recent connections. An individual’s profile information is dependent on what they have included in their public MingleStick profile.

MingleStick digital mingling at ACPA Annual Convention in Boston 2010

I’m co-presenting a session titled “Wise and Connected – Demystifying Social Media for SSAOs and Directors.” I have a feeling that we will end up polling the room to see who is using a MingleStick and whether or not they are including their Facebook and Twitter accounts on their public MingleStick profiles.

What do you think? Will you engage in digital mingling at ACPA via a MingleStick?

  • Liz Van Lysal

    I’m not going to be at ACPA, but I’m not really sure if I would use the Mingle Stick simply b/c I would need to shell out $20 for it. I could just as easily exchange business cards and look someone up on Facebook/Twitter.

    If they were given out for free? Absolutely. But perhaps I represent the cheapskate of the group.

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  • Jason Chan

    I’m with Liz on this one. Trading business cards, using the iPhone Bump app, or just entering someone’s info directly into my phone has always worked fine for me. Plus if costs $20, chances are not everyone will be buying one which makes its use limited. Besides, what would I do with a MingleStick after the conference?

    That said, if it was free…I’d totally use it!

  • Mike Breitner

    It would be nice if the stick had been included as an optional add-on to the conference registration. Or, can you buy one on site?

  • Eric Shadd

    Eric, thanks for posting this blog about ACPA bringing Mingle360 to their March 2010 conference. I am in business development with Mingle360 and worked closely with Ron Campbell and ACPA to make this happen.

    Our MingleSticks created quite a stir at the AFLV conference in St Louis last week.

    I look forward to meeting you in person.

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