Glenn Beck – disingenuous idiocy

If a certain family member wonders why I stopped reading their blog, it is due to their defense of (and site link to) Glenn Beck. Rather than engage in a fruitless back-and-forth (like last time when my life experience was called into question), I will simply post these recent videos. Glenn Beck’s rhetoric is blatantly racist and disingenuous. The first clip is of Glenn Beck appearing on the pro-eugenics FOX & Friends. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart once again provide commentary on the idiocy that is Glenn Beck.

Call on advertisers to drop sponsorship of Glenn Beck.

  • Scott Clark

    Part of the problem with both the blogosphere (sp?) and cable news networks is that people will boycott the other sides propoganda and/or stop engaging in dialogue with those that they disagree with. Now, I’ve never watched Glenn Beck and haven’t seen O’Reilly since I was in college, but I will engage people of different views in civil dialogue, even if I find those people to have firmly entrenched views that I think are completely insane. The best example I can give of this effort is my conversations with various Christian fundamentalist friends that I have encountered over the years. Most of these people are just completely deceived by someone like Glenn Beck who is given authoritative status because he has a television show and he is probably not completely lacking in charisma. I’m not telling you to get into an argument with your family over politics because that may not be worth it, but I would encourage you not to stop reading the opinions of the ‘dark side’ because if we don’t engage in a dialogue, we further the divisive nature of the current political scene and we are actively helping the right further isolate and therefore influence their rapidly shrinking base. Just my two cents at far too early in the morning…

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  • Scott – thanks for commenting…I never thought I’d have any of my old classmates from elementary, middle and high school commenting on my blog! I think my mom still wants you to eat that sandwich ;-)

    The last time I made an effort to engage with my Glenn Beck-loving family member resulted in this lovely string of words, about my social justice orientation/writing, being fired in my direction: “namby-pamby, politically correct rhetoric“.

    I definitely have not stopped reading multiple viewpoints on a variety of subjects. However, I have made a decision to limit my contact with this individual because sometimes you cannot engage with everyone, eg:

  • Scott Clark

    I just hate that civil dialogue can’t take place often enough. I know that debating anything with my family usually ends in an angry confrontation, so I get it. Sometimes in California, I found myself surrounded by people who only thought the same things that I did, politically, and I would think, how come we don’t associate with people of differing opinions? I guess the answer would be, we don’t have to, so why would we? I think it’s dangerous not to have our views challenged intelligently. Anyway, I enjoy the blog, hope life is going well for you. And I still hate peach jelly.