Pan Asian Rites of Passage

Amazing videos by middle and high school students in Eugene, Oregon:

The Asian American Video Production course is a two and a half week program as part of the Pan Asian Rites of Passage Program at Lane Community College. Taught by Jason D. Mak from Eugene School District 4J and is also the Executive Director of the DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon, middle and high school students are taught how to find their voice and tell their stories through video. The class is taught as a college level video production course. Students learn how to pitch their film ideas, write scripts, direct, operate video, sound, and light equipment, edit using Final Cut Pro Studio, and do sound production using Garageband and Soundtrack Pro. Most importantly, they learn how to be community artists with a social justice heart.

‘I Am Asian American’

‘My Life in Brown & Pink’

‘Pursuit of Hapaness’