Dog in a cage

The neighbors have a dog in a cage
I really miss our old neighbors. They used to throw parties in their back yard and were extremely friendly. The new neighbors have a loud gas-powered leaf blower and drive a huge Mercedes SUV.. I guess their goal must be to find as many ways as possible to waste gasoline. Anyway, Wendy and I came home the other day and I noticed that the neighbors have a new dog…and it’s in a small doggy prison / cage. It looks so sad. It was 98°F last Friday and the dog looked like it was in a coma. I’m not a fan of having pets in town. I’ve never had a house pet. My childhood was spent on 6 acres in Iowa at my parent’s property and our pets roamed around the entire space. This dog in a cage makes me sad. The cage sits atop a concrete patio. It seems so inhumane…

Dog in a cage is inhumane

  • bfp

    you know, I just don’t get people who get dogs and then lock them up in cages out doors or tie them permanently outside. we had a neighbor who was the same sorta folks–only they didn’t have a big cage for their dog, they put him out on a stake and left him out there. and then beat him when he chewed through the rope every two or three months and took off. What is the point of having a dog (which is a *companion animal* for crying out loud!!!) if you’re going to stick it out in a cage and listen to it bark all day?

    My neighbors wound up moving–is this a possibility for you? Also, Michigan “laws” were not that great, I called the police and the only thing that they would do is ticket for barking–as long as the dog had food, shelter and no obvious wounds on his body, there was nothing they could do for the dog. Maybe where you live its different???

  • Britt Q.


    (My comments are getting better and better, eh?)

  • Hello, Fellow Corvallisite!
    The photos make me feel sad, too, being that we have 3 huge dogs and live outside of town, where they get to roam across fields and hunt voles. However, I guess I’m glad to see that the dog has shelter, food, and water…and won’t get hit by any cars. It’s such a balancing act, isn’t it?

  • angie smith

    I agree.. I live in an urban area of KC with two dogs. I always make sure they get nice walks in the morning and night after being inside while I am at work. What is frustrating is that many of my neighbors have dogs fenced or chained up during the day and their owners are constantly yelling at them to quit barking and calm down. WELL no wonder!! All they want is to be released from its makeshift prison. Very very sad indeed. But I agree with Boggy Woggy..AT Least this dog did have food and water. Some owners don’t go even that far.

  • jody

    I agree. We’ve the same problem here in Baltimore. A neighbor has a dog in a smaller cage then that shown here. It only gets watered/fed once in the morning. That’s supposed to last all day. Meanwhile the parents are working and the two teenaged boys sit at the game cube the entire day. Feeding and watering seem to be an inconvenience to them. I wish I could set him free. Maybe being hit by a car would put him in a better place.
    They have two other dogs that get to spend time inside, get food, water, and play time.
    I’ve seen this poor thing get karate chopped, stones thrown at him, and yelled at by all 4 living there. But–when I ask about its welfare, I’m told to mind my fucking business!
    Tomorrow I will call the ASPCA; something I should have done yesterday!

  • Gunn ’em Down

    5yrs late but . :D. my neighbor has a dog and he is tied to a chain all the time. yes 24/7 be it hot day or rainy nights. so every now and then i sneak up in their yard and free the poor dog so he can strech her legs, even for a while. well thats me but my dad gets in fight (verbal) with them very often on how they treat their dog. well all i want to do is go over there, punch them in the nose and adopt the dog