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OSU Bridge to Success Program


Oregon State University

Oregon State University leaders have announced a new financial aid initiative that in its first school year, 2008-09, will enable a full 10 percent of the Oregonian students who attend OSU to do so free of charge.

The Bridge to Success Program will pool federal resources with funds from the Oregon Opportunity Grant, the Campaign for OSU and redirected institutional monies to cover all tuition and fee costs for 1,500 in-state students this fall. Additional funds will cover books and supplies for half of those students.

Awards will be based on financial need and students’ ability to show satisfactory progress toward completion of degrees, including taking 15 credits each term.

Written by Eric Stoller

April 21st, 2008 at 5:02 pm

  • dan kjeldsen

    What a terrific plan!

  • Derek

    What a great thing considering rising college costs. Way to go OSU! GO BEAVS!

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