I won an award!

Eric Stoller won an award for writing about social justice
I was sifting through my web site statistics when I found yet another inbound link from a hate-spewing, neo-nazi, white supremacist website. It’s the type of thing that happens when word gets out that yet another Swiss-German, anti-racist, feminist, ally, man is blogging about social justice issues. The white supremacists link to your site and visit in droves. Jim S., who graciously nominated me for the award, has commented on my site a couple times and has left hundreds of bigoted comments on the aforementioned (not directly linked as I refuse to send link juice in their direction) site.

The full text of the award is as follows:

“We ought to have a thread for “wussified liberal race traitor of the week.”

I nominate Eric Stoller!

Translation: This guy is blogging about racism and he’s white! What the hell are we going to do about him? Let’s call him a wuss (notice the way they weave sexism into the award, I think that counts for double!), a liberal (they must have found out that since I do not identify as a liberal that this would burn like a paper cut) and a race traitor (I prefer the term: “social justice patriot”).