University of Northern Iowa

University of Northern Iowa Campus Alert System and Dancer Hall
My alma mater, the University of Northern Iowa, had a scare today on campus. Thankfully, nothing happened and the UNI Alert system seems to have worked fairly well.

University of Northern Iowa officials have locked down Dancer Hall on campus because a male made several threatening text messages to a female Dancer resident, indicating he was coming to the campus with a weapon, officials said.

This is the first time the alert system has been used. It was just instituted two weeks ago.

via the Waterloo – Cedar Falls Courier

I actually lived in Bender Hall in 1997. Bender is the twin residence hall of Dancer where things were locked down.

I took screen shots of the UNI website as their Marketing and PR folks made updates. The site was stripped of most images in order to conserve bandwidth.

The screenshots are after the cut.

This is actually not the most streamlined version of the UNI site. There was another version that was up for a while and presumably, the bandwidth loads were not overwhelming so this version was implemented. (The lite version of the site was basically just large text and not a whole lot more. It conveyed necessary information during a scary moment in Cedar Falls.)
University of Northern Iowa campus alert

The current site view lists a news bulletin about what had transpired today, but everything else is back to normal…normal on the UNI site is a lot of gradations of purple.
University of Northern Iowa campus alert and a lot of purple