Suzanne Pharr

Suzanne Pharr

I was introduced to Suzanne Pharr via a reading assignment while in the class, Ethics of Diversity at Oregon State University in 2006. We were assigned to read “The Common Elements of Oppressions” — a chapter in Pharr’s book, Hetersexism: A weapon of homophobia. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the chapter and hoped to put it on my blog. I did quite a few Google searches and could not find an electronic copy of the chapter. I had found Suzanne’s website and decided to send her an email to see if she had an electronic copy.

Sometimes I can be a little impatient. Prior to receiving a response from Suzanne, I scanned in the chapter using the optical character recognition (OCR) copier at OSU and then uploaded the text to my blog. Fortunately, Suzanne emailed me back and was thrilled that I had enjoyed her words and that I had placed them in the blogosphere.

I had never emailed an author before and I am truly glad that I did. Suzanne and I have emailed each other several times and even talked on the phone a couple times. Blogging became the topic of many of our conversations. I offered to create a WordPress blog for Suzanne and I am now happy to say that Suzanne now has a blog at The site design is still being tweaked, but the content is ready for reading. Suzanne had a friend scan in the complete text of her two books and they are both available on her website as PDF’s:

For downloading (now out-of-print):
In the Time of the Right: Reflections on Liberation

For reading online:
Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism