San Jose State bans blood drives

San Jose State University bans campus blood drives

San Jose State University has banned campus blood drives to protest the FDA policy that prohibits gay men from donating blood. I hope this type of campus action takes place nationwide and that the FDA will eliminate this homophobic policy. I am not an ethicist, but I do feel that unjustly harming the dignity of gay men is no less an ethical issue than that of supplying donated blood.

San Jose State University President Don Kassing has suspended all campus blood drives in protest of a longstanding government policy that bars gays from donating blood and called the policy discriminatory…

The Food and Drug Administration policy, in effect since the early 1980s, affects any man who has had sex with another man since 1977. The agency says it is necessary because gay men are at increased risk for HIV, hepatitis B and other infections that can be transmitted by transfusions.

Several groups that run blood drives, including the American Red Cross, oppose the ban and say modern blood-screening techniques make the lifetime ban unnecessary.

via Diverse Issues in Higher Education