White privilege

My posts that have been tagged with the subject “white privilege” were visited several times (over 50 unique visits) by individuals who frequent the white supremacist website, stormfront.org. Due to the apparent popularity of the white privilege posts by white supremacists, I would like to take this moment to direct my new readers to an article on white privilege that was printed in the Oregon State University Daily Barometer.

Here’s an excerpt from the Barometer article on white privilege:

Whether we [(white people)] choose to accept and acknowledge it as an unfortunate consequence of being in a racist society, white privilege exists to further the oppression of [people of color] by continuing to empower the white majority.

Like Peggy McIntosh wrote in her well-known article, “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack,” for those of us who are white, it can be difficult to see past racism as just individual acts of meanness, but as invisible systems that continue the dominance of the white race.

White privilege is a set of unearned advantages we accrue on the basis of being white. This privilege is something that is very difficult to define because it is so entrenched in our culture.