University of Illinois + Racism

Chief Illiniwek was eliminated at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Richard Herman, the Chancellor of UIUC, apparently did not get the memo about the end of the Chief’s racist reign.

Dave Zirin of Sports Illustrated writes about the unbelievably awful resurrection of the chief.

You may have thought that the Chief was banned last year after the NCAA called Illiniwek a “hostile or abusive” mascot and prevented the school from hosting postseason games as long as it paraded him about. You may have thought Illinois had joined dozens of other schools from Stanford to St. John’s in putting Native American caricatures to bed. You thought wrong.

A victory 20 years in the making was overturned when Illinois chancellor Richard Herman declared that the Homecoming ban violated the U.S. constitution saying, “The University values free speech and free expression and considers Homecoming floats, decorations, costumes and related signage all representations of such personal expression.”

Yes, our forefathers fought and died to protect the right to display caricatures of the conquered at public institutions of higher learning. The word Illiniwek means “tribe of superior men.” In making the decision to allow Chief Illiniwek to return, Herman acted in a manner of the inferior, following instead of leading.