UND and NCAA’s racist collaboration

University of North Dakota
The NCAA and the University of North Dakota have come to an agreement regarding the racist Fighting Sioux logo. Instead of banning UND for division I athletics until they remove the racist logo, the NCAA has decided to collaborate with UND. In an unbelievably awful move, the NCAA has given (gotta love it when non-Native American institutions give each other power over Native Americans…ugh!) UND three years to get the Sioux tribes to change their minds about the racist logo/mascot/symbol. WTF!

Tribes are leery about what’s to come over the next three years as the University of North Dakota tries to seek approval to keep the “Fighting Sioux” logo and imagery.

Ron His Horse Is Thunder, tribal chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, knew it was going to happen — and it did.

He says the ink had hardly dried on a settlement between the National Collegiate Athletics Association and the University of North Dakota (giving the school three years to get the OK from Sioux tribes to keep calling its sports teams the Fighting Sioux) before members of the tribe were being wooed by people siding with the university.

“They came down and took a crew of (Sioux) veterans to entertain them,” he says.

It’s a situation that Sioux leaders in North Dakota are preparing themselves for as UND tries to keep the school’s nickname and logo, and Sioux leaders try to safeguard their culture. It all stems from a 2005 NCAA decision to ban member schools from using American Indian nicknames and logos, deemed hostile and abusive, during championship competition.

via Diverse Issues in Higher Education