The 19th Erase Racism Carnival

Welcome to the 19th Erase Racism Carnival.

Dennis Dugan presents Robert Jensen on Thanksgiving – White supremacist holidays and the genocide of indigenous peoples

Therapydoc presents Zarganar – Global oppression, privilege and activism

Forgiven presents The Sin Is Pride – Internalized oppression, horizontal hostility and Ward Connerly

Rachel and guest poster, Atlasien presents A serious question [about white supremacists]

Seattle Slim presents 21st Century Blackface: Hideous Imitation Or Flattery? Harmful or Harmless?

Kai Chang presents The White Liberal Conundrum – white liberals and anti-racism

AllyWork presents Qualities of an ally

Carmen Van Kerckhove presents Addicted to Race 87: Race, TV, and Gossip

Ian Welsh presents Katrina and the Wildfires

Greg Laden presents “Like the tree that stands beside the water … – A history of activism

Marcella Chester presents Horror Movie Mythology Hurts Megan Williams And Many Other Victims and Anti-Feminism And Rape

Michael Faris presents more on nooses, blackface, and OSU

Dennis Bennett presents On Dad’s Weekend, No Less – blackface and administrative silence

Eric Stoller (yes, that’s me) presents Building Community – non-apology apologies and intent vs. effect

Changeseeker presents It’s Predictable And I Told You So! – white privilege and white supremacy

DaisyDeadhead presents Orangeburg Massacre governor dies