A non-apology apology

The Daily Barometer published an official statement from Oregon State University’s Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. The statement was regarding the noose that was hanging in a tree on the Phi Gamma Delta property. The print version of the article was constructed as an apology (at least by the Daily Barometer). The print version started on the front page of the Barometer and ended on page 3. The headline for the page 3 continuation of the “statement” reads as “Noose: Apology offered, removing offensive object.”

Unfortunately, it was a non-apology apology. My bachelors is a BA in Public Relations but I can decode BS.

We acknowledge that fellow Oregon State students have been offended by this, and wish to make it known that this was never our intention. We would also like to thank the individuals who brought this matter to our attention, and will use this as an opportunity to educate our members.

Saying your sorry means actually saying that you apologize. My inner public relations klaxons went off the second I read those two sentences. They basically say that they now know that people were upset by the noose in their yard but that they never intended to offend anyone. Acknowledging that we are wrong is a difficult thing to do. I wish that the Brothers of the Kappa Omicron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta had said that they were sorry instead of using a PR maneuver.