Corvallis, Oregon

The Corvallis Tourism website has a page on media praise of Corvallis:

  • “Corvallis is ranked as one of America’s Top 25 family friendly enclaves.”
  • “the 8th best place in the nation to live”
  • “Corvallis is a country place with a collegiate feel that’s also a high tech center and a hippie haven.”
  • “Corvallis ranked 10th of all cities of all sizes in the nation.”

Renee Roman Nose’s editorial on blackface and its subsequent banning by the Daily Barometer staff was recently featured in a news story in Corvallis’ newspaper, the Gazette Times. The commentary by Corvallis residents has been appalling. The article, “Black Out Reser’ raises racial spectre,” has brought out white racist sentiment in droves. A follow-up article by Zel Brook of Corvallis-Albany NAACP, “as I see it: Blackface painting at rally was ignorant,” has been overrun with even more white racists. When I moved to Corvallis, I was told that it was a bastion of liberalism. It turns out that Corvallis is a bastion of white liberal racists who have no problem hiding behind anonymous comments that are filled with racism and sexism. By the way, I do not self-identify as a liberal, and this is exactly why I do not.

A friend sent me the link to the Oregon State University Facebook site for the Blackout Reser (OSU’s football stadium) supporters. The comments are just about as bad as the comments in the Gazette Times. Apparently, Corvallis, Oregon is the best place in the nation to live if you are not a person of color.

Here are a few of the comments from the facebook site. They are eerily similar to the same broken record of racist rhetoric and ignorant comments that are being posted on the newspaper site:

Via Facebook and yep, all white students…and they even say that race has nothing to do with it ;-)

  • “I’m still goin all black! whoever brought race into this is just plain dumb “
  • “So the football team wears mostly BLACK uniforms for home games. I guess that means all the players, including black teammates, are being racist towards black people too… right?”
  • “So i guess Penn State is also racist… I can’t believe they would wear so much white at their game… Being a self respecting caucasian, I was (and still am) greatly offended. Obviously, they were making a statment of hatred towards all people who consider themselves white.
    This kind of behavior must be stopped. I suggest we just stop wearing clothes all together. Then nobody will be offended.”
  • “If someone can…you should post flyers around campus…make this an actual event and make it huge! Maybe that way we can make a point that we are supporting our team, not the bullshit that the gazette apparently deems us capable of.”
  • “Well gee… If wearing black is racist, it looks like wearing orange is out of the picture too now, what if we offend all those people who fake ‘n bake. It’s not their fault they turn they have orangy skin. People seriously need to get lives, it’s like they want to constantly live in a state of drama around them.”
  • “Waitwait wait….so, being in the army, I am going to paint my face black and green a few times in my career. Does that make me racists against blacks (and greens)?”
  • “so what your saying is that just because a race of people has black skin it makes it ‘offensive’ for me to paint my face that same color??? did anyone tell these guys that our school colors happen to be orange and BLACK??? the only people i see being racist are those that are turning school spirit into something dirty…i mean common now” Anyone who’s offended by that is creating the racism. I will be in full black this Saturday because it’s FUN, it looks COOL, and it shows SUPPORT for our team… and not for any other reason.”
  • “haha, everyone should read today’s (24th) GT. Apparently we are racist.”

Yes, apparently you are…