Windows gurus

Windows gurus in Redmond Magazine are all men
The illustration is from the cover of Redmond Magazine, the “independent voice of the Microsoft IT community.” At some point in my techie journey I was placed on the Redmond Magazine subscription list. I usually skim through the magazine and analyze the content from the social justice techie perspective. The magazine primarily features white men in various information technology roles. The latest edition features the heading “Secrets of the Windows Gurus.” The illustration consists of 12 men in wizard robes. Apparently there are no feature-worthy windows gurus who are women. So either there are no women who are windows gurus or there are women who could have been featured but were not.

Here is who Redmond Magazine interviewed:

Redmond magazine set out on a similar journey, to find out how the visionaries that drive today’s third-party innovations came to be so visionary. We interviewed a dozen serial entrepreneurs, CTOs and company founders to find out where their ideas come from, and how they turn them into the products that you all know and love.

It would seem that anyone can be a Windows guru as long they are a man…oh wait…the last paragraph of the story:

You, Too, Can Be a Guru!
Technology gurus come in all shapes and sizes, from all different backgrounds. Some are naturally gifted, others work their butts off to get that smart. The lesson here is that almost anyone, with the right education, avocation and inspiration, can become a guru.

Umm, okay, then why are there no women in this feature?! Perhaps it’s a little bit of Redmond Magazine sexism via editor in chief and article writer, Doug Barney?