An unlucky year

University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine admissions chart
The 2007 batch of first-year medical students at the University of Missouri-Columbia is the least racially diverse in recent history.

We are constantly concerned and aware if we don’t mirror the population of the state, and we just keep working at it,” William Crist, dean of the medical school, said. “Fortunately, in big systems we try to view how well we’re doing not by a single class. You look at four-year periods because by chance you can get an unlucky year.”

Dear Dr. Crist, “chance” and “luck” have nothing to do with the intentional recruitment and support of students of color. Citing that the reason that Black enrollment is low because of the number of medical school applications by Black students does not answer the question of “why” the number of applicants is low. Maybe you could ask why the number of white student applications is so high? Is it luck? Perhaps it is because the system is biased towards white students…?

Oh snap, Dr. Crist, I just read this quote near the end of the article:

“We’d love to start early. I wish the medical school could just extend back into the first grades, so we could help make these young people realize they need to prepare well, as everyone does. Regardless of where they’re coming from or what obstacles, you have to be prepared in the end, because patients expect the best, and we want to give them the best,” he said.

So, basically, you are borrowing from the same codebook as the white folks up in Madison, Wisconsin. Who knew that you had a copy?! Let me analyze what you said. People of color and in this case, African American folks, need to realize that they are not academically preparing themselves during elementary school while “everyone” a.k.a the white kids (obviously all geniuses at an early age) are miraculously (intentionally?) preparing themselves to be qualified for medical school. Oh, and obstacles like racism and shitty segregated schools are not relevant and that the “best” doctors from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine are most likely going to be those white kids who were so smart in the first grade. Give me a break!

Maybe the number of students of color (especially Black students) at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine is due to the racist climate at the school (and in Dean Crist’s noggin) as well as the institutionalized educational systems that give preference to white people.