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How to be an anti-racist parent

How to Be an Anti-Racist Parent: Real-Life Parents Share Real-Life Tips (PDF)

Here are a few excerpts from the How to Be an Anti-Racist Parent e-book:

You can’t protect your children from racism. You need to be able to show them how ugly racism is, or they won’t be able to recognize it for themselves. If your children are kids of color, they’ll need to have survival skills – verbal, intellectual, and physical. And these survival skills aren’t just about driving while Black or confronting skinheads – your kids will need to know how to survive the racism embedded in our educational, economic, judicial and occupational institutions.
–Jae Ran Kim

Parents need to open up their own horizons and start connecting with people. You can offer all the toys and books in the world to them, but if they never see or get to know another person who isn’t like them than what good are you serving? From day one, I have tried to seek out people of other races to interact with my babies. Lifestyle of the parents is really key … you have to do what you preach. Sometimes, for parents, it means leaving our own comfort zones for the sake of our children.
–Shawn Fink

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