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web statistics chart for Eric Stoller's Blog

The web site statistics for my presence in bloglandia have increased quite a bit since January 2007. Prior to September 2006 I was primarily blogging at my Oregon State University web account. I transitioned the OSU account over to in September. Web statistics for September 2006 to January 2007 were fairly consistent: 2,000+ Unique Visits and about 4,000 Page Views.

In February 2007 I made a few search engine optimization tweaks and had referral links from sites with significant traffic. I’ve been getting 5,000+ Unique Visits and 7,500+ Page Views for the last four months. Organic Google searches represent the biggest piece of my site stats pie. I’m not sure if I can double my site stats every four months, but it would be kind of neat if I could.

I’m still using StatCounter and Google Analytics for my web statistics information.

The most popular posts on my blog are: