Enrollment Management Update 2/13/07

Virginia Tech Podcasts site

Virginia Tech’s podcast site features news briefs, financial aid information, and student stories. Plus, the site design is terrific.

Podcasting is a service that allows you to receive periodic updates of featured audio content from Virginia Tech. As new features become available, they will be automatically downloaded to your computer and/or portable MP3 player.

Financial Aid Podcasts:
The University of Arizona’s Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships features a financial aid podcast.

OSFA on the Air is a podcast series designed to answer many of your financial aid questions. Each show contains 30 minutes of practical information to you obtain financial aid.


University of Wisconsin System regents voted Friday to adopt a new freshman admissions policy that requires officials to consider nonacademic factors such as race and income to increase diversity.


George Washington University acknowledges having the highest tuition in the country. And yesterday, the board of trustees voted to raise it again.

Tuition for next year’s freshmen will be more than $39,000, an increase of 3.8 percent.

Oregon State University:
Benny the Beaver has a MySpace page. Welcome to the era of viral beaver-based marketing.

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