Admissions in Michigan

The recent evisceration of affirmative action in Michigan has created a huge problem for admissions staff at the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Michigan State University. The constitutional amendment in Michigan becomes an official part of the state’s constitution on December 22nd. Admissions applications and financial aid packages which were considered while affirmative action was on the books will now need to be modified to meet the new anti-affirmative-action-racist-sexist-white-supremacist-amendment.

The Michigan Attorney General has warned the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Michigan State University that any attempts to delay the implementation of the new anti-affirmative-action-racist-sexist-white-supremacist-amendment via lawsuits will be “vigorously” challenged.

From Diverse:

The University of Michigan’s admissions process begins in the summer when applications are sent to prospective students and counselors. It ends the following May. So far, the school has received nearly 16,000 applications.

“It would be extremely difficult, and unfair to prospective students, to change our admissions and financial aid processes in midstream,” UM President Mary Sue Coleman said in a news release.

After the initiative passed, Coleman said the university would try to finish this year’s admissions cycle under its current system, which considers race in selecting students. She said scholarship and financial aid promises made to students would be kept, and that no one on campus would lose a job because of the new law.