Star Wars Exhibit = Über Geek

Star Wars at the OMSI in Portland Oregon
Disclaimer: If you are allergic to Star Wars and extreme doses of geekery, please do not continue. However, if you equate 1977, 1980, and 1983 as the holy trinity of Star Wars, please sit back and enjoy photos from our trip to the Star Wars exhibit at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Members of the “Cloud City Garrison” overloaded my geek circuits!
Eric surrounded by stormtroopers bobba fett and jango fett

Star Wars poster

The Millenium Falcon ride was a little slower than light speed.
Eric at the falcon

It’s not prudent to comment on the height of a Jango Fett enthusiast.
Eric with Jango Fett

Bobba Fett was quite the conversationalist.
Eric and Bobba Fett

I love hanging out with Clone Troopers!
Eric Stoller with Clone Troopers

Random Storm Trooper.

I know who I want to be for Halloween next year…
Darth Vader

Beep, beep, beep.



I had to get on my knees to take this pic.

Is that a microphone on its face?
Medical Droid

Intensify forward batteries…
Star Destroyer

Lock s-foils in attack position…
X-wing fighter

Storm Trooper Blaster detail.
Storm Trooper Blaster

I wonder if I could get a land speeder with an automatic transmission?
Land speeder

Millennium Falcon up close.
Millennium Falcon cockpit detail

The Millennium Falcon’s design was inspired by hamburgers.
Millennium Falcon