Google SMS for Weather Forecast

Wendy and I are constantly wondering what the weather forecast will be for Corvallis. I’ve known about Google’s SMS (Short Messaging Service) for a while but I’ve never used it…until today. Google has a website where you can “send” test text messages to try out the service. It’s amazing.

What’s the weather like in Corvallis right now? Send a text message to “46645” (GOOGL) with “weather 97331” as your message. Google will send a text message to your cell phone in about 2 seconds.

Google SMS can send text messages on a variety of topics including movies (Death of a President 97330), restaurants (Thai 97330), and text translation (t ancestry to German).

According to Google, geschlecht is German for ancestry.

6 thoughts on “Google SMS for Weather Forecast”

  1. this is like the most awesome free sms feature ever!!! hopefully t-mobile doesn’t raise their unlimited texting plan, cuz of this!!!

  2. (text to 44636) has a similar text message offering, but provides several additional services that Google does not: text alerts for sport scores, weather forecast, stock quotes, horoscopes, and services for player stats (“allen iverson”), flight times (“swa san jose san diego”). 4INFO recently launched the ability to make any blog or news feed accessible from a mobile phone. In a matter of minutes, you can create a keyword that your readers can search to get your latest post or sign up for text alerts.

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