Oregon Institute of Technology 10/10

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Oregon University System Application Fee Deferral Form. The deferral form allows students with high financial need to defer their admissions application fee ($50) at an Oregon University System School.

I decided to rank each of the state schools in Oregon on the basis of whether or not the fee deferral form was readily available on their websites. Initially, the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) received a ranking of 0 out of 10 since the fee deferral form was nowhere to be found on their website. 4 days after that post I received a comment from Palmer Muntz, the Director of Admissions at OIT, informing me that a link to the fee deferral form would be added to the OIT Admissions website.

Yesterday, I received an email from Palmer. The Oregon Institute of Technology is now a perfect 10/10. The fee deferral form can be found on the OIT Admissions Application Forms page.

From the OIT Admissions website:

If it is a financial hardship for you to pay the application fee, you may qualify to have the fee deferred until after you have enrolled at OIT.

I feel that Southern Oregon University and the Oregon Institute of Technology are doing the right thing by prominently providing this piece of information to students who have high financial need. The University of Oregon is not far behind. With a little web editing, the fee deferral form would be even easier to find…

Eastern Oregon University, Oregon State University, Portland State University, and Western Oregon University need to provide prominent links to the OUS fee deferral form. The amount of students who use the form would not cause significant monetary loss. The fee is deferred. Students would still pay the fee after they receive their financial aid packages.

Adding information about the OUS deferral form should be an easy decision for all OUS Schools.

Kudos to Palmer and the Admissions staff at OIT!