The Winter Classes

I am taking 3 classes this term:

Ethics of Diversity
“Uses moral philosophy to examine difference-based discrimination and prejudice in the human community.”

Legal Issues in Higher Education
“A comprehensive presentation and discussion of the law governing administration within public colleges and universities with a special emphasis on tort liability and freedom of expression.”

Multicultural Competency in Student Affairs
“Seminar that focuses on the beginning development of one’s multicultural proficiency while addressing selected multicultural issues in student affairs administration (e.g. multicultural service models, campus climate issues, emerging research, professional dilemmas and challenges).”

I am teaching one class:
ALS 116 Academic Success
“Assessment and development of strategies for succeeding in university-level academics. Topics include time management, goal setting, critical thinking, note taking, and study skills.”

PS: I’m in the College Student Services Administration program at Oregon State University.