A Tim Wise link-o-rama

ZNet Commentaries by Tim Wise:

Racism, Free Speech and the College Campus (01/11/06)

Not Everyone Felt That Way (09/12/05)

“Don’t Know Much About (Black) History” (07/25/05)

A Double Standard Worth Keeping (05/30/05)

Playing Our Race Card: Reflections on Reverse Discrimination (04/21/05)

Race to Our Credit (01/09/05)

The Color of Deception (10/26/04)

No Such Place as Safe (07/26/04)

Situational Ethics, Conservative-Style (07/08/04)

Personal Responsibility is a Two-Way Street: (06/29/04)

My Life as a Resident Alien (06/13/04)

White Whine: Reflections on the Brain-Rotting Properties of Privilege (04/20/04)

A Quite Deliberate Failure: Reflections on the Politics of Crime (04/01/04)

Of Broken Clocks and Conservatives (03/02/04)

Unnatural Selection (01/22/04)

Content of Whose Character? (12/23/03)

It’s the Racism Stupid (12/08/03)

Anywhere but Here (11/09/03)

Collateral Damage: Poor Whites and the Unintended Consequences of Racial Privilege (10/06/03)

Overclass Blues: Reflections on the Ironies of Privilege (09/21/03)

Resurrecting Mandingo (08/06/03)

Coloring Crime: Violence, Deviance, And Media Manipulation (06/24/03)

The Mother of all Racial Preferences: (05/26/03)

Inventing Jayson Blair: Reflections on White Privilege and Hypocrisy (05/19/03)

So This Is What War Looks Like? (04/03/03)

Fear, Loathing and Laura Bush: (03/07/03)

Race, Sex and Work: Examining White Lies About Black Americans (02/13/03)

Sex, Lies and Stereotypes: White Racism, Black Reality and the Pathology of Prejudice (02/11/03)

Fraud Fit For A King: Israel, Zionism, And The Misuse Of Mlk (01/21/03)

White Supremacy Discussion (12/22/02)

Making Nice With Racists: David Horowitz and The Soft Pedaling Of White Supremacy (12/18/02)

Selling Sloppy Statistics (12/09/02)

Not-So-Little White Lies: Education and the Myth of Black Anti-Intellectualism (11/28/02)

Tony Soprano, Christopher Columbus and the Irony of Ethnic Stereotypes (10/17/02)

Con-fusion Ethic: How Whites Use Asians to Further Anti-Black Racism (10/07/02)

“Failing the Test of Fairness: Institutional Racism and the SAT” (08/15/02)

Honky Wanna Cracker?

A Look at the Myth of Reverse Racism (06/30/02)

Defining Democracy Down (05/16/02)

Anti-Semitism, Real and Imagined (05/02/02)

Selling the Police: Reflections on Heroism and Hype in America (02/06/02)

Rationalizing Racism: Panic And Profiling After 9/11 (01/16/02)

Playing the World War Two Card: Nostalgia in the Crusade Against Terrorism (12/16/01)

Holding Terrorists Accountable? It Depends on the Color and the Cause… (11/04/01)

Who’s Being Naïve?
War-Time Realism Through the Looking Glass (10/28/01)

Some Folks Never Felt Safe: The Truth Behind National Unity (10/08/01)

Reflections on Zionism From a Dissident Jew (09/05/01)

A New Round of White Denial (08/23/01)

See No Evil: Perception and Reality in Black and White (08/02/01)

Fear and Loathing in Suburbia (07/09/01)

Breaking the Cycle of White Dependence: A Call for Majority Self-Sufficiency (05/19/01)

15 Dead in Ohio: The Black and the Blue in Cincinnati (04/17/01)

and Opportunity: The Difference Between White and ‘Other’ Racism (02/12/01)

The Truth is Rarely Pleasant (01/18/01)

White Christmas? (12/21/00)

Of Monsters and Vampires: People Who Kill People (and the People Who Kill Them) (12/04/00)

No More Mister Fall Guy (11/09/00)

Getting Serious About White Deviance (11/03/00)

Blind Mice: A Critical Look at “Tolerance Training,” FBI Style (09/24/00)

Gore-Vey!: Joe Lieberman, Jewish Mobility, and the Politics of Race in America (08/29/00)

Bill of Whites: Historical Memory Through the Racial Looking Glass (07/24/00)

Membership Has It’s Privileges: Thoughts on Acknowledging and Challenging Whiteness (06/22/00)

Rebels Without a Clue: Neo-Confederacy and the Ironies of White Supremacy (06/06/00)

the System: Alan Greenspan, Unemployment, and the Validation
of Radical Analysis (05/10/00)

Tale of Two Cities: “Rational Racism,” Amadou Diallo, and Us (03/22/00)

“When Anti-Racism Strikes Out” (02/26/00)

Resolutions for Radicals (01/26/00)

the “Diversity Trap” (01/11/00)

“Springing the Diversity Trap” (12/16/99)

The Trouble With Tolerance (11/27/99)

Kill First, Ask Questions Later (10/15/99)

The Kids are all White (08/26/99)

Hate Crimes (08/12/99)

Whiteness and the Recollection of History (07/03/99)

The Threat of a Good Example (06/20/99)

The Devil Made ‘Em Do It: Social Crisis and the Misuse of Faith in America (06/01/99)

Famous Last Words (04/24/99)

White America’s Dirty Little Secrets (04/01/99)

Kill First, Ask Questions Later (03/15/99)

and “Preferential Treatment” by the Numbers (03/13/99)