Individual Learning Activity plan

Personal Learning Outcomes:
• General overarching outcome — To continue learning about multicultural perspectives through selected readings and to create meaningful self-reflections and questions that will enhance/promote my multicultural competency.
• To continue exploring my own cultural heritage within the context of multiculturalism in a student affairs paradigm.
• To further my personal journey as a multiculturally competent student affairs practitioner through in-depth readings/reviews of selected texts.

Individual Learning Activity:

I mulled over several different projects before I decided upon a simple yet potentially powerful method of learning. I would like to conduct a reading and reflection project. I have selected two texts: Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs by Pope, Reynolds, and Mueller; and Teaching Community by bell hooks. Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs fits perfectly as a selection for my project because it is a book about organization and process which fits well with this course. bell hooks’ Teaching Community focuses on what I would pose is an academic affairs point of view. One of the basic foundational tenets of my personal philosophy of higher education is that student and academic affairs are joined holistically and therefore I try to encapsulate these historically divergent areas through strategically guided experiences.

Project Specifics:
• Read Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs and Teaching Community. (I am 60 pages into Teaching Community and on page -0- of Multicultural Competence.)
• Synthesize readings
• Craft personal yet professionally applicable/meaningful thoughts and reflections in the form of a chapter-by-chapter critique/review/personal journey.
• Present in the form of a paper/online blog.