Learning Contract: ASC Teaching

Odyssey and Academic Success Learning Contract:

Learning Objectives

  • To gain experience in teaching first year students success skills at the
  • To gain an experiential understanding course planning and implementation.
  • To have a basic understanding of teaching at Oregon State University .


  • Growth as a professional and a teacher.
  • Develop the competencies of:
  • 2a. Transitional issues faced by students before and after their tenure
    in higher education settings
  • 2c. The diversity of student populations including, but not limited
    to, age, socioeconomic status, gender, race, and ethnicity, language,
    nationality, religion or spirituality, sexual orientation, ability, and
  • 3c. Organizational structure, dynamics, and leadership
  • 6a. Develop and share ideas an concepts to students, staff, or faculty
    groups outside of the CSSA classroom
  • 6b. Incorporate original and innovative techniques that are appropriate
    and engaging in sharing these ideas
  • 6c. Reflect on the experience and make constructive changes and improvements
  • 7a. Positively manage, develop, and engage in working relationships
    with faculty, staff, and students across functional and institutional
  • 7b. Initiate and participate in working alliance and teams with a
    wide range of people across cultural boundaries.
  • 7e. Manage and/or mediate conflict, crisis, or problematic circumstances
  • 8a. Seek out a comprehensive and well-rounded graduate and professional
  • 8e. Engage in thoughtful career planning and decision making exercises

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Periodic meetings with practicum supervisor and other students teaching
    ALS courses.
  • Development and implementation of course syllabus.
  • Instruct both Odyssey (Fall 2005) and Academic Success (Winter 2006)

Performance Evaluation

  • Exhibit professional growth and competence through self-reflective journaling
    via an online journal/blog.
  • Fulfill 90 hours of practicum experience.

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