ELI Summer Orientation

Before I forget to post this, I helped out with the English Language Institute’s (ELI) summer orientation program. I spoke to students regarding campus activities and the anxiety of finding food in a different country. On Saturday, June 25th, I was one of several OSU students who gave a tour of downtown Corvallis. It was a beautiful day and the experiences that I have had working with ELI students through two orientation programs have been awesome. The students have shared a lot of information about their home countries which include: Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, and Columbia.

I’m participating as an ELI Conversant during the summer. The student is from Korea. I’ll withhold his name for privacies sake. I have been invited to Korea and he has been told that Iowa is nice in the fall! Each week we meet for an hour at Java II to discuss a variety of topics. His English proficiency is getting better each week. Meanwhile, mine continues to hold still somewhere below average and above horrible :-)

International students are a blast to work with and I would encourage all of my readers (you know who I’m talking about!) to consider a job where you get to work with students from all over the globe.

Here are a 2 photos from the downtown Corvallis tour:

English Language Institute tour of downtown Corvallis

Oregon State University's English Language Institute tour of downtown Corvallis