3 thoughts on “Random Image Rotation Techniques:”

  1. Ok so I want to know how to move pictures around on a dreamweaver. Do I need to have a table for each picture if I want them on the same line, but one flushed left and one flushed right?

    Also how do I link to a document (history reasearch paper)?

    Is there a place you can direct me to on how to have a video played on my website (not a link to the video but the actual video)?

  2. A table based layout would give you an easy way to create a grid for your images.

    To link to a document, use this code a href=”http://www.whatever.com/worddocument.doc”>Resumehttp://journalism.berkeley.edu/multimedia/tutorials/elements/

  3. #1How do you add a movie onto a website? I was considering having it just be a link, but I am not sure if I want to have someone travel away from my site, and I would really like to have my two videos on my site.

    #2 Is there a way to request more space from OSU for our website? My pictures and videos are going to take up too much room, I think. Any suggestions???

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